At-Home Facial Using Just Two Ingredients from Your Pantry



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Chances are that by now you've been been yearning for a visit to your favorite hairdresser, massage therapist, aesthetician or wellness practitioner. That might not be possible right now, so I thought I would share this great link for an at-home "facial"  by Haley Wood of Therapeutic Skin Coach using two ingredients from your pantry. Thank you Haley for graciously allowing me to share this.

Even if you don't give yourself (or someone else) a facial, I encourage you to watch the video. Just seeing Haley use her hands so expertly on skin is the most relaxing thing you'll see all day.

Some things to remember: 

  • Honey should be completely smooth and not granulated in any way. Remember this is a gentle cleanse. Using honey that is granulated can over exfoliate and upset your skin barrier. 
  • You can use a comfortable hair scarf or hair band to protect your hair from honey stickiness.
  • If you would rather skip the 2nd part of the facial with the oil massage, you can just give your face a honey cleanse and follow up with your favorite face oil or moisturizer.
  • If you've never used olive oil or honey directly on your face and have sensitive skin or concerned about reactions, then just choose a small area to test along your jaw line. While both ingredients are gentle, everyone's skin is different and right now because of stress skin can be extra sensitive. 

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