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Retail locations

The Pure Body Nantucket line is carried by several Nantucket retailers. Some carry the full line and some carry two or three products from the line. All are well known businesses that I love.

Antiques Depot, 2 South Beach Street, Nantucket. tel# 508-228-1287. While an antique shop maybe a non-traditional place to find skincare, this beautiful store was founded by my husband, Jack Fritsch. When I am not immersed in making my line you can usually find me -and my full line- here. 

Gift and Box, 5 Washington Street, Nantucket.  A little gem. Kate carries a beautifully curated line of handmade products ranging from greeting cards, ceramics, accessories and skincare. Kate carries my soap, lip conditioner, face oil and body oil. 

 Pure Body Nantucket at the 2018 Nantucket Wine and Food Festival Vendors Tent