Fall and Winter Skin Tips (part 1)

After a really busy summer season on Nantucket, the fall was the perfect time to slow down and work on my first skin care product: Pure Body's Night-Time Face Oil. I custom blended this light oil to create a nourishing, balancing, calming and hydrating face oil for night-time.  Each ingredient was chosen for its own unique properties and quality: Camellia oil for hydrating, Jojoba oil for balancing, and a Calendula oil blend for calming and supporting our skin's natural barrier function. The beautiful essential oils of mandarin, bergamot and jasmine were not only chosen for their skin supporting properties but also to aid in restful sleep. When you smell the aroma of this oil you will understand why!

Autumn is also a great time to slow down and indulge in some self-care. Every fall when the temperatures drop and indoor heating kicks-on, my skin tends to get irritated and increasingly sensitive. To counteract this itchy skin feeling, I avoid long, hot showers which dry out my skin. Instead I have shorter showers making sure that the water never gets too hot (even though I know on cold winter mornings the temptation to linger in a warm shower is hard). I keep my body well moisturized with organic coconut oil after showering (I have since switched to my Nourishing Body Oil since launching it in Summer 2017. Apply after patting skin dry). I also use a gentle creamy cleanser on my face and use a rich moisturizer during the day to protect my face from the wind and cold (My go-to at the moment is by Juice Beauty). At night after cleansing, I use my Night-Time Face Oil to give my skin some extra TLC. The older (and hopefully smarter) I get, the less products I want to use on my body. Sometimes less is more!

Ciara x

p.s. I would love to hear your fall and winter skin tips.


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