How to Spring Clean your Skincare and Make-up

What to clear out: Products and treatments that are expired or past their prime. Products where the consistency or color has changed, or the aroma is a little “off”.

What to give away: Anything that doesn’t resonate with you. Pass along to a friend or family member who you think may enjoy it.

What to do:

Exfoliate. Spring calls for some gentle exfoliation. Our skin can still be a little sensitive and dry from being inside warm, dry air over the winter months.  I confess having sensitive skin means I avoid skin brushing as I feel it can lead to broken capillaries. Instead, I cleanse with my soap and use a soft bamboo cloth and then use massage strokes while applying my body oil to increase blood flow (moving your body more in the spring is also a great way to increase blood flow).  My Grey Lady Soap contains charcoal and rose clay to lift away impurities and give your body a gentle exfoliation, and my Nourishing Body Oil body oil nourishes and replenishes for soft, glowing skin.  

Wash makeup brushes. Makeup brushes should be washed every 2 - 3 weeks. Sponges and Beauty Blenders should be washed weekly to keep your skin clean and clear. Dirt, oil and makeup that get trapped among bristles can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Clean your brushes and sponges in lukewarm water with a gentle clarifying shampoo. I always clean mine to by putting them into a glass jug and swirling them around in warm water to loosen debris and add shampoo directly to the brushes working it into the bristles. I change the water several times. You'll know when the brush is clean when the water is clear after swirling it around. Then let brushes air-dry being sure to let them hang over the edge of a table so that air is circulating around them. Brushes should be fully dry before using again. If your brush is shedding bristles or lost its shape, it’s time for a new one. Same goes for sponges or any kind of make-up.

SPF. Check for expiration date listed on the bottle or tube. SPF's comes with a shelf life so it’s always important to buy a fresh tube if it’s expired. On a tube it can sometimes be at the very bottom of the seal. Also replace if the consistency has changed as it means that the formulation has been altered most likely due from heat which means it won't be as affective. At the beach, always put your sunscreen in the coolest part of your bag.

I would love to hear from you with your skin spring clean tips!

Ciara xx

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