Early Summer Skin Tips

Me at the Sustainable Nantucket Farmers Market
Weather on Nantucket lately has ranged from blue skies and sunshine and 74 degree days to cold, wind and rain that has everyone reaching for the winter sweater they packed away until late Fall (we hoped). Last Saturday would have been the first Sustainable Nantucket Farmer’s Market of the season for me... I say "would have" as it was cancelled because of  high winds and rain (so much rain!).  While I was disappointed to not see your smiling faces after so many months, I took the time to enjoy a rare Saturday off this time of year.

Every Saturday from June 12 through mid October you can find me at the Farmer’s Market. I’ve just started to make fresh products every week preparing for the season and every week fresh oils, lip conditioners, soaps –and some surprises in between will be added!

It's due to hit 90 degrees this Sunday in Boston. So yes, Summer will be here before we know it. Below are some useful tips to prep your skin for Summer and how best to use my products:
(1) Cleanse and Exfoliate. Summer can mean clogged pores between sweat and sunscreen. My Grey Lady Soap will cleanse your skin while also gently exfoliating thanks to the activated charcoal and rose clay. No scrubbing necessary.
(2)  Moisturize your body.  When you’re getting out of the shower pat your skin dry removing just the excess water. Leave skin a little damp and apply my  Nourishing Body Oil. The water will work with the body oil allowing the water and oil to create an emulsion like moisturizer to keep your skin  soft and supple.
(3) Sandal ready feet. This is a great way to give your feet some TLC and a home pedicure. I don’t wear nail polish but if you do then remove old polish. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. My Island Rose” Bath and Foot Soak is perfect for this.  Dry feet and then trim and file your nails. If your heels or toes feel a little rough, use a foot file or a pumice stone to gently smooth the skin and any calluses you might have. Give your feet a little massage using a little of my Nourishing Body Oil. To keep your feet super soft, I recommend putting on a thin pair of cotton soaks for a ½ hour or so (longer is great) right after massaging. If you are going to apply nail polish, then remove any excess oil with a towel before applying base coat, polish and then top coat.
(4) Healthy Lips. Lips can get dry from the sun and salt water from trips to the beach. Apply my lip conditioner at night as an overnight lip treatment to keep them soft and healthy. The balm like texture is gently absorbed overnight as you sleep. You’ll notice that your lips are more plump and healthier in the am.
(5)  Wear a hat!  Along with drinking more water in the Summer to keep you hydrated, and wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least an 30 SPF applied generously (don’t forget your ears, and the side and back of your neck!), a hat is a great way to add some extra sun protection. I just bought a brand new one and love it. So comfy. 
I want to carve out more time this Summer to just enjoy what Nantucket has to offer and worry less about all the busyness around me. And I hope you do the same wherever you are. 
Ciara xx
Disclaimer: The information on this site is for information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from a physician or health care professional.

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