Dreaming of a spa day?

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An overcast grey day here on our little island has me longing for a spa day where I can be transported to somewhere beautiful, welcoming, warm, indulgent and maybe even a little exotic. I hope the tips below will give you a little encouragement and inspire you to set time aside for yourself and create a little oasis of wellness for your own spa day at home. Use your favorite products whether they are from my Pure Body Nantucket line or from another. I make suggestions below, but the most important thing is that you customize this time just for you and enjoy every minute. And if you don't have a tub, no problem. I make suggestions on how to incorporate a great foot soak. 

Set time aside. Mark your spa time on your calendar the way you would schedule something that was important to you. 

Get excited! Look forward to this time the same way you would look forward to any treat, because it is. 

Gather. Pick your favorite candles and anything else you would like to add such as snacks or a favorite play list.

No distractions. Tell your partner, family, kids that you would like some time for yourself without any distractions. I like to put my phone away so that I'm not interrupted by texts or calls. Don't be tempted to spend time on social media as your relaxing. This is a time to get away from screens. I prefer not to read when I’m taking a bath, I like to fully immerse myself in the soft soothing feel of the water.

Start with a clean, fresh bathroom. I always plan a spa day when my bathroom has been freshly cleaned and fresh towels put out.

Warmth. Your bathroom should be warm. It’s hard to fully relax in a tub if the air is cool.

Lighting. I always feel like a bath is at its most indulgent and special when candles are flickering and lights are dimmed.

Run bath. Choose your favorite soak (my Island Rose Bath and Foot Soak is perfect for this. Use a 1/4 of the jar for a full bath) and when your tub is filled and the temperature is to your liking (not too hot!), turn off water and then add your soak swirling the salts in the water with your hand to help dissolve. (If you don't have a bath, my soak also works as a great foot soak. Just add a tablespoon of the soak to a basin of comfortably warm water. Immerse your feet and let soak for 15-20 minutes. You can also put a teaspoon of the salt soak into the palm of your hand and use it to exfoliate the bottom of your feet.)

Hair Treatment. You can use this time to include a nourishing mask for your hair by applying a teaspoon of my Nourishing Body Oil. Apply to dry hair concentrating more on the ends of your hair strands where hair tends to be drier and more damaged. Tie hair up loosely to allow the oil to penetrate while bathing.

Take a deep, slow breath. As you step into the water inhale the aroma of the salts and essential oils and exhale as you lower your body into the warm water. Doing this is instantly relaxing.

Close your eyes. Just enjoy this time paying special attention to the feel of the water and the feeling of lightness.

Gently exfoliate. After 20 minutes of soaking, starting at your feet use your hands to gently exfoliate your skin by using long strokes. You can also use a soft cloth if you prefer. You will notice that just by soaking in the salts they act as a natural exfoliant and you will see the dead skin cells come away easily without any scrubbing. This is also a great time to pumice your feet.

Shower. When you're ready, drain tub and finish with a short shower to rinse off salts and shampoo and condition your hair as usual.

Apply body oil. Towel excess water off your body but still keep it a little moist. As you apply your Nourishing Body Oil, slowly massage the oils into your skin paying special attention to the aroma and any areas of tightness or dryness. Don't forget to apply oil to your feet. it may be best to sit to do this. Then put on cotton soaks to allow the oils to penetrate your skin.

Rinse hands with a little soap and splash a little cool (not cold) water on your face. It will feel refreshing after a warm bath. While your face is still damp gently apply some Night-Time Face Oil.

Step into your fluffiest robe or comfiest clothes.

I hope you emerge feeling relaxed, peaceful and even a little happier.

Ciara xx



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